From Our Atlantic Woods Non-Timber Forest Product Directory From Our Atlantic Woods Non-Timber Forest Product Directory
From Our Atlantic Woods Non-Timber Forest Product Directory
From Our Atlantic Woods Non-Timber Forest Product Directory
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Barb’s Berries
Barb & Dave Clark
Temperance Vale, NB
5890 Rte 105, Lower Brighton, NB E7P 1A3

Bell’s Woodlot
Martha Bell
5 Church St, Stickney, NB E7L 4E3
(T) 506-392-6862, (F) 506-392-1019 (in-season)
(T) 506-392-5979, (F) 506-392-6731 (off-season)
Christmas trees, wreaths and associated greenery grown and sold.

Brighton Botanicals
Pam Trenholm
7096 Rte 105 Upper Brighton, Hartland, NB E7P 2P5
(T) 506-375-4954
Organically grown medicinal and culinary herbs (rosehips, clover, stinging nettle, hawthorn berries, etc.), mushrooms (shiitake), and fiddleheads. Brighton Botanicals also sells tea blends using wild raspberry and rosehips.

Bruce Mclean
124 Estey Rd, Waterville, NB E7P 1H3
(T) 506-375-6530
U-pick strawberry patch and stand.

Canada Calling
Glen Mills
7675 Rte104, Coldstream, NB E7P 3L7
(T) 506-375-6475, (F) 506-375-8624
Offering an assortment of handmade balsam fir wreaths and garlands for sale.

Canadian Organic Maple Co. Ltd
Gus Hargrove
PO Box 524, Bath, NB E7G 2N3
(T) 506-278-5998, (F) 506-278-3966
Organically grown and produced maple products including syrup, spreads and sugar.

Charlie McIntosh’s Berry Farm
Shauna McIntosh
273 Rte 565, Johnville, NB E7J 1M3
(T) 506-278-3874
Strawberries, raspberries, greenhouse vegetables (including tomatoes and garden veggies); also onsite are u-pick strawberries and raspberries fields.

Down East Walking Sticks
Barrie Bochoff
58 Riverview Dr, Somerville, NB E7P 3B4
(T) 800-920-HIKE (4453)
Hand-carved walking and hiking staffs made from birdseye maple, curly maple, curly birch, black cherry and oak; also will use imported woods per customer’s request.

EP’s Intarsia Art & Fretworks
Everett Parker
8286 Rte 105, Riverbank, NB E7L 3Z8
(T) 506-392-8267
Woodturning with butternut, apple wood, curly maple, and birdseye birch.

Falls Brook Centre
Jean Arnold
125 South Knowlesville Rd, Knowlesville, NB E7L 1B1
(T) 506-375-8143, (F) 506-375-4221
The Falls Brook Centre is a demonstration site for NTFPs and other practices that promote rural self-sufficiency and environmental sustainability.

Fiddlehead Heaven Forest Products
Dwight or Debbie
499 Route 580 Windsor, NB E7L 4P1
(T) 506-375-0905, (F) 506-375-8047
Wholesale and retail sales of wild edibles: fresh fiddleheads & in-season wild mushrooms. We are Professional Mushroom Guides & Hunters. We also buy fresh in season fiddleheads and wild mushrooms such as, Boletus edulis (king bolete, chanterelles, lobster, hedgehogs and pine mushrooms from local harvesters.

Golden Ridge Maple Sugary
Dixie LaPage
571 Knowlesville Rd, Knowlesville, NB E7L 1P1
(T) 506-375-6027, (F) 506-375-6461
Producers of maple syrup for wholesale.

Haynes Farms
Penny Haynes
478 Plymouth Rd, Plymouth, NB E7M 5Y4
(T) 506-328-8264
The Haynes Farm offers U-pick strawberries and raspberries.

Hunter Brothers Farm
Chip Hunter
643 Main St, Florenceville, NB E7L 4J6
(T) 506-392-6279, (F) 506-392-VEGI (8344)
Family farm growing raspberries for retail sale as well as other assorted vegetables (sweet corn, tomatoes, peas and zucchini).

Kenneth Maple Farms
Michael Salmon
PO Box 483, Bath, NB E7J 2N3
(T) 506-246-1884 or 888-558-1886, (F) 506-246-1910
Maple syrup and associated products such as lollipops, jelly, maple butter, granulated sugar, maple-peanut spread, chocolate covered candy and gift trays.

Les Entreprises Deux Milles Ltd.
Lucien Charest
81 Rte 265, Kedgwick River, NB E8B 1R1
(T) 506-284-2651
Makes maple syrup and other maple sugar products.

McCullough’s U-Pick
273 Rte 616, Keswick Ridge, NB E6L 5R9
(T) 506-363-3106, (F) 506-363-2528
Visit McCullough's for U-pick strawberries.

McLellan’s Maple
Roy McLellan
4212 Rte 540, Belleville, NB E7M 5X8
(T) 506-328-2029
Maple syrup, candy and butter; tours of maple bush are also available.

O’Toole Gallery
Kerry O’Toole
109 College St, Woodstock, NB E7M 1K5
(T) 506-328-6207, (F) 506-325-9257
Woodcarving and woodworking using woods such as basswood, pine and butternut woods.

Red-Robin Christmas Trees and Maple Syrup
Gerry Redmond
383 Rte 616, Keswick Ridge, NB E6L 1S2
(T) 506-458-5128 or 506-363-3115, (F) 506-363-3113
Maple Syrup (Sugar Bush Gold label), Christmas tree u-cut and wholesale. Fuel wood is also available for sale.

Rose Enterprises Inc.
Joel Rose
216 Lockhart Mill Road Jacksonville, NB E7M 5K4
(T) 506-328-6674, (F) 506-328-2311
We manufacture and sell Christmas wreaths, Christmas specialty items, and balsam Christmas trees.

Royal View Maples
Andrew Crawford
300 Royalton Rd, Royalton, NB E7K 2G9
(T) 506-276-4334, (F) 506-276-4334
Maple syrup in a wide variety of fancy glass bottles, plastic jars and cans, also maple butter, candy, maple peanuts, and maple jelly.

Shikatehawk Maple Products Ltd.
Andrew Harvey
632 Divide Rd, Divide, NB E7L 1K6
(T) 506-392-6168, (F) 506-246-1187
Maple syrup available for sale.

Spruce Hill Nurseries
Charles McNair
4 Welch St, Bristol, NB E7L 2E4
(T) 506-392-5553
Items for sale include Christmas trees, wreaths, greenery, seedlings, and transplants.

Stephenson Maple Farms
Dean Stephenson
216 Melville Rd, Lansdowne, NB E7L 3X3
(T) 506-375-8592, (F) 506-375-4085 (call first)
Products available include maple syrup in 375 ml bottles and bulk.

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